At Spartan Pro Wash in Greenville, NC, we offer a better alternative to pressure washing: soft washing. Soft washing provides a longer-lasting, greener, and safer clean for your home than more traditional pressure washing. We are proud to be a veteran owned business that specializes in residential and commercial roof and exterior cleaning.

Most people know that you should have your vinyl siding cleaned regularly, and it’s easy to tell when it’s time, because you’ll usually start to notice stains accumulating on your home’s exterior. However, many people don’t realize that you should have concrete and brick cleaned too. While these don’t show stains as easily as vinyl siding, it’s still important to keep these materials clean.

Just like vinyl siding, over time, brick and concrete can accumulate algae, mold, and dirt. Not only does this stain these materials, but it can weaken them over time as well. A regular cleaning can help extend the life of your home’s exterior and increase your curb appeal.

Newer concrete and brick can withstand the power of pressure washing. However, older brick and concrete will do better when cleaned with soft washing, as this is a more gentle process. Additionally, soft washing doesn’t just clean surface stains, it attacks the source causing them, meaning that your home’s surfaces will stay cleaner longer.

When it’s time to clean your home’s exterior, let us do it all. From your vinyl siding to brick and concrete, our soft washing system is ideal for a number of your home’s surfaces. Give us a call at Spartan Pro Wash in Greenville, NC.