At Spartan Pro Wash in Greenville, NC, we offer a better alternative to pressure washing: soft washing. Soft washing provides a longer-lasting, greener, and safer clean for your home than more traditional pressure washing. We are proud to be a veteran owned business that specializes in residential and commercial roof and exterior cleaning.

Did you know that your roof needs to be cleaned? Many people know when they should clean their vinyl siding, because they can easily see mold and algae growth beginning to develop. However, it’s much harder to see anything on your roof….because well, it’s your roof.

In fact, the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) says that it’s important to periodically clean your roof to remove algae discoloration and prevent future algae growth. When left unchecked, algae and mold growth can not only stain your roof, it can also deteriorate it and lead to serious damage.

With that said, why not pressure wash your roof? Seems like the more powerful the washing system, the better it can clean your roof, right? Wrong! Traditional pressure washing can severely damage your asphalt shingles because the high pressure of the water can remove and/or displace the granules on the shingles. These granules help to protect your shingles from the elements. In addition, pressure washing can even remove shingles altogether.

All of this is why you should soft wash your roof. Our soft washing system is perfect for cleaning your roof because it is soft enough to not cause damage like pressure washing, and because it’s a cleaning system that actually treats the infestation instead of simply removing it. In addition, our soft washing professionals are adept at walking around on roofs, so it’s a much safer bet to have them clean your roof for you than to try to do it yourself. 

If you notice any stains on your roof, if you have a lot of trees in your area, or you’ve just had your roof for a few years, it’s a good idea to look into having your roof soft washed.

For a safer and better alternative to pressure washing, give us a call at Spartan Pro Washing in Greenville, NC.